Why Parents Love Skylake

Here are some reasons parents love Skylake:

  • "The Skylake experience bolsters parent-driven leadership skills of resourcefulness, critical-thinking and development of interpersonal savvy.
      " -Anne Mueller

  • "I love Skylake because I know my kids will be safe attending the camp and have the time of their lives. " -Jori Mendivil

  • "I love Skylake because the camp allows my son to completely unplug, get away from social media, and just be a kid for 4 weeks every year. He spends a month having fun, trying new activities, relaxing, and making friends. He returns stronger, more self reliant, and recharged.  " -Tanaya Rose

  • "When Tatum first went to Skylake four years ago, she was the youngest camper in camp and loved it. She felt comfortable immediately and came home much more mature and confident and has gone back for all four years since then, sometimes for two weeks and sometimes for four. She loves the variety in activities and the freedom she gets from being there. As Tatum mentioned, Skylake is a family tradition with her, me, and my uncle all having gone there. " -Tatum’s dad

Why Campers Love Skylake

From a parent’s perspective: Campers love Skylake because they get an opportunity to take a break from the "parent-driven" model and make decisions and solve problems in a safe environment. (In reference to her statement above. Anne Mueller was a long-time camper and staff member and now parent to 2 Skylake campers and 1 Skylake counselor!)

What campers have to say…

  • "I love Skylake because of banana boats and popsicles. " -Andrew

  • "I love Skylake because it’s where I learned to love the guitar." -Avery

  • "I love Skylake because it’s where I make lots of memories and have tons of fun! " -Braxton

  • "I like Skylake because it feels like I have more freedom (than at home) to do the things I like and the horses! " -Daisy

  • "I love Skylake because you get to experience cool camp traditions with your best friends " -Sydney

Campers In Leadership Training (CILT's) Love Skylake

Direct quotes from some of our 9th & 10th grade campers on lessons they've learned through Skylake's CILT program.

  • How much I am able to care, love and trust so many people at once
  • To always stay true to yourself
  • How to get along with and be friends with all ages
  • To be my true self and not try to hide who I am
  • How to be a better person and have more respect for those around me
  • Respect and responsibility 
  • Use every minute like it’s your last