Skylake Campers

Welcome to Camper Corner!

In this section we’ll try to explain the unexplainable; a little something called Skylake Magic.


Skylake Magic

  • It's the small cabin groups, sleeping in bunks with your best friend that you just met yesterday, 
  • It's a day trip into Yosemite Valley, 
  • It's banana boating on Bass Lake with your buddies, 
  • It's lounging on the docks under the warm sun and then taking a dip to cool off, 
  • It's the silly skits you come up with for campfire, 
  • It's the songs you sing after lunch, 
  • It's the counselors, 
  • It's the traditions that carry from one year to the next, 
  • It's about being around other kids all the time, 
  • It's time away from home and the fast pace of life, 
  •  It's time for kids to be kids!
  • basketball
  • swim trail
  • climbing wall
  • walk to lake
  • teepee
  • paddleboard
  • drama
  • paddleboard bass lake
  • the dock
  • skylake boys
  • lodge games
  • volleyball
  • waterskiing
  • ropes course
  • flag
  • skylake
  • ukelele
  • craft-shop
  • paddle board
  • reading
  • boating
  • laughing
  • listening
  • horses
  • boys