Special Days & More

Kayaking at Bass Lake

There’s More! Special Days

Skylake normally schedules a Special Day program once a week. These days are unique to each session and are a complete change from our normal day to day routine.

Special Days revolve around the camp grouping into teams where cabins work together, forming new bonds, and working with other age groups. Spirit is at its highest on Special Days as teams compete for the winning prize…usually coveted milk shakes!

Special Day Themes range from Peter Pan Day, Wild West Day, Earth Day, World Cup Day and more! Imagination in costume, songs, activity and games all peak on Skylake Special Days.

Following a Special Day, Skylake normally breaks into a Carnival where carnival games are enjoyed while cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and other treats delight the campers!

And Lots of Extras...

Cabin Group Activities (CGA’s)

Cabin Group Activities take place on average three times each week. Following Siesta, campers in their cabin groups set out for an activity of their choosing. The popular ones are kayak rides to Pine Point to roast s’mores, horseback ride on the trails above camp, and cabin Pow Wows on the docks. Often cabins will group together for a game of Softball or a dusty round in the Gaga Ball Pit. CGA’s are a great time for the individual cabin groups to work together in their small nucleus while building those bonds that often last a lifetime.

Twilight Sports

Following a break after dinner, Twilight Sports is announced over the intercom. Open Twilight Sports Activities allow campers to choose from four or five scheduled activities while other campers opt to enjoy a more low key time socializing with their friends, writing letters, etc . Some special treats like evening kayaking, swimming or horseback riding are favorites at this beautiful hour of the day.

Width of the Lake & Length of the Lake Swims

Campers have the opportunity to take part in the "width-of-the-lake" swim event which is about 1 mile roundtrip and starts before most of camp has gotten out of bed. Extraordinary swimmers whose times are fastest at the Width Swim may take part in our early dawn "Length-of-the-lake" swim…about 5 miles! Generations of Skylake campers have accomplished this amazing feat. Both events are heavily staffed, with a staff person in a canoe per every swimmer. The Length of the Lake Swim is only scheduled at the conclusion of Sessions B and D.    


Once a week, Skylake puts on an Outdoor dance for campers to enjoy songs that span the decades. Songs are carefully chosen and staff DJ’s get the kids moving and grooving to such classic hits as YMCA, and new hits that campers all sing in unison. There is something special about hearing the campers sing above the sound of the speakers and joining in a camp wide celebration. Refreshments are served throughout the early evening entertainment and then campers head to bed by age group with their counselors.    


Sky Time takes place on Sunday mornings and is truly a special time at Skylake. As Sundays take on a slower pace then the rest of the week, Sky Time starts off the day following breakfast. Under a grove of old Pine trees the campers and staff gather and share feelings about their special time at camp. It is truly amazing to hear the poems, thoughts and stories created and shared by our campers. Creativity and growth in a camp environment is released and the results are truly incredible.    

Cabin Walk Suppers

On Sunday evenings, dinner takes on a different pace as campers in their cabin group pack their meals in the dining hall and head to a chosen spot to enjoy a picnic dinner as a cabin group. Some cabins choose the docks, others choose Pine Point near our docks, while some select to stay in camp and form circles on the sand volley ball courts or any other chosen spots around camp.

Tennis Court and Platform Sleep Outs

Tennis Court Sleep Outs (TCSOs) are scheduled almost nightly by cabin group. Cabin groups can opt to sleep out under the stars on our Tennis Courts. Along with their counselors cabin groups enjoy this special treat and often pow wow from their sleeping bags and drift off to sleep by 10pm with constellations such as Cassiopeia looming overhead.

All Chipmunk and Chickadee cabins get to experience an overnight camping trip on our mountain platform. Chipmunk and Chickadee Expeditions are treats, where although close to camp, our youngest campers get to enjoy a taste of backpacking, sleeping outdoors, s'mores and stories by the fire while getting a sense they are worlds away, but really only a 10 minute walk from the camp office.

And So Much More!

Alumni T Shirts, Fat Pills, Camper of the Week, Morning Flag, Pizza Deliveries, Serenade, Cabin Clean-up Milk Shakes, opening and closing campfires, Little Sisters, Boy's Camp Dodgeball Tournament, Hawaiian Friday, dining hall songs following meals, trips to Millers, Jersey Thursday, Tie Die Tuesday, passing the world, "I Love This Place," and so... much... more!