Campers in Leadership Training

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Campers in Leadership Training

The Campers In Leadership Training (CILT) program is a long running tradition at Skylake. CILTs are the oldest campers, teens who have just completed 9th or 10th grade, and are looking for the next step in their summer camp experience. CILTs are still campers so they enjoy all of the same activities and camper privileges, and are even given a few additional privileges, but also go through a structured leadership course.

First Year CILTs attend regular training workshops to focus on building leadership, organizational skills and qualities while also working on a group project each session. First year CILTs also are given Lifeguard Training which prepares them for a certified Red Cross Lifeguarding Course. CILTs may opt for Wrangler Training, instead of Lifeguard Training, which includes learning every aspect of running a successful horse program, including care for the animals and safety for the children. First Year CILTs live in a cabin with their peers and also choose the activities they'd like to participate in on days when they are not in Lifeguard or Wrangler Training. Afternoons are always spent in a group activity or relaxing with peers. A CILT four night back pack adventure is also a mandatory part of the program which brings these campers out into the Ansel Adams Wilderness with our trained Trips Staff. These trips are always a highlight of the month, regardless how the trip is viewed before hitting the trail! The First Year CILT program is a 4 week program, either for sessions AB or CD. 

Second Year CILTs must have completed the CILT I program. CILT IIs are given more focused leadership training through living in a cabin with younger campers along with a formal cabin counselor. CILT IIs are usually placed in a Chipmunk or Chickadee cabin to act as big brother or sister and aid the counselor. The CILT II program is highly regarded as the stepping stone to working on staff. CILT IIs also are able to partake in the activities of their choice throughout the summer. Second year CILTs are also given the opportunity to join younger campers and a staff member on day trips into Yosemite Valley. The CILT II program is a 2 Week program or depending on availability a 4 Week Program. 

The CILTs also help the Activities Director to carry out Skylake's special theme days as well as camp dances. This gives our older campers some hands on experiences while working closely with an Administrative staff member. 

Weekly trips via canoe to Miller's for a milkshake are always a treat and an adored afternoon outing for the CILTs. 

The CILT program offers Skylake campers a path to return on staff once they have had one year of college while also helping to build great leadership skills and qualities. The CILT program is also a wonderful addition to add to College applications. Many CILT grads have used Skylake as a reference on College entrance applications. 

Application Process and Information

  • Normal camper registration takes place first.
  • CILT applicants will then receive information on the necessary essay questions and application process in DECEMBER following camper registration.
  • Essay questions and other components of the Camper side of the CILT application process will be due in March.

**There is limited space in both CILT I and CILT II groups. CILT II spots are especially limited and are saved for those who have completed the CILT I program with an exceptional attitude and camp code of conduct.  

**For those admitted, CILT II positions may qualify for High School volunteer hours. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on Skylake's CILT program!

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