Health & Safety


Health & Safety at Skylake Yosemite Camp

We know that it is an awesome responsibility to care for your child. This is the theme of our staff training and the guiding philosophy of every decision we make. This philosophy covers both the physical and emotional safety of our campers.

Skylake is unique among overnight camps with its small cabin groups. There are only six or seven campers in a cabin. Counselors and campers quickly bond to create the one on one relationship that guarantees from day one that a staff member is focused on the health and safety of your child. All counselors at Skylake are certified in First Aid and CPR, and 90% of counselors are certified Red Cross Lifeguards. There are 65 counselors for 210 campers. 

Skylake has a fully equipped health care center, i.e. The Health Hut, with a registered nurse living on site. The Health Hut is where all medications must be stored and where the campers come for their medications. This is also where campers can go if they aren't feeling well or need a band aid or an extra dose of TLC is always available too! Prior to the campers arriving in camp the counselors and the nurse review every child’s medical history and all campers receive a health check within hours of arriving in camp. Skylake is located only 8 miles from a medical doctor's office and emergency facilities. In the event your child needs medical attention you would be contacted immediately. Skylake will also always call home with any over night stays in the Health Hut.  Counselors and Directors are kept up to date with any "frequent flyer" Health Hut visitors and parent calls may be made then.  Parents are always also welcome to call us anytime with any concerns or worries. 

Bullying and other emotionally or physically aggressive behaviors are not tolerated at camp. The Skylake environment is incredibly effective in creating a strong sense of community. Most of the negative behavioral issues that are so prevalent in the schools and day to day life do not present themselves at camp. However, the staff and the administration are trained to be able to look for these issues and to respond quickly. Skylake’s small cabin ratios are extremely helpful in that no camper ever falls under the radar, and everyone is heard and seen. Staff are in touch with their campers at all times and are constantly assuring that everyone is OK and adjusting to camp life in a positive way.

At Skylake we believe we are 99% effective in sending home campers who are happier, stronger, and more self reliant than when they arrived at camp.