Counselors enjoy summer camp magic too!

Skylake touches staff in ways they would not have imagined a “summer job” ever could. At the beginning of each summer, during staff training we express the awesomeness of the responsibility of being a summer camp counselor, while at the same time attempt to explain that they aren’t in for any normal “summer job”. Skylake works it’s magic on staff and campers alike!

Here’s a snippet of an email we received from a counselor who was new to Skylake... “I absolutely needed to write and express some of the feelings that Skylake gave me no choice but to sit up and pay attention too. First of all, thank you. At Skylake, I have felt nothing but a sense of purpose and belonging that I had never experienced before. To be able to fit into a place so quickly, to form tight bonds with people who share so much more than a job, and to have the chance to make a difference in young peoples' lives is nothing short of miraculous. I have learned an incredible amount about myself and the world we live in. I know that I will do my best to take that and spread our Skylake magic in every aspect of my life from now on.  Skylake will always be with me, breathed deep into my lungs and singing in my heart. And no matter where I go, I will always be searching for a way back.” 

It's hard to explain the magic of summer camp except to say it truly allows campers to grow in a protected space away from home.  Campers and staff alike feel the sense of freedom and with that freedom also comes responsibility, growth, new friendships, new experiences, and a true sense of belonging.  The job of a counselor can be said to be one the hardest while also one of the most important jobs one can have in life!