Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

Campers who like to water ski can sign up to do so and are assigned a time at least once per two week session. (All campers also get out on Banana Boats as well at least once per week.)

Often skiing is the best early in the day and just before sunset when the lake is at the prime glass conditions that skiers all look for. Instruction is always part of any activity and many campers learn the basics of waterskiing at camp and return year after year to find their skills improve. Naturals are often found cutting in and out of the wake on their first attempt. "Keep your arms straight, knees bent, let the boat pull you up!", the counselor reminds the camper from the boat, as the camper replies "Hit It!" Off the boat goes and out of the water the camper pops to ski the waters of Bass Lake.

Waterskiing and Wakeboarding are on a scheduled rotation. The goal is for all campers to have an opportunity every other week for either waterskiing or wakeboarding. As a cabin group, campers have the opportunity to have at least one banana boat ride each week.