California Sleepaway Summer Camp like parents remember & kids love....

  • chipmunks
  • banana boating
  • basketball
  • climbing wall
  • girls halfdome
  • guitar
  • horses
  • jump off dock
  • point at halfdome
  • skylake backpackers
  • waterski
  • zipline

At Skylake, campers experience a classic sleepaway summer camp experience where they create happy memories, develop interests and skills, experience personal growth, build friendships, and develop confidence; all while playing, learning and thriving in our beautiful outdoor setting. Children spend quality time outside learning new skills and engaging in outdoor adventures with new and old friends. Skylake is an Overnight California Summer Camp where campers experience traditional summer camp life without cell phones, video games or the internet. 

Skylake is located in the Sierra National Forest on Bass Lake, just 15 miles from Yosemite National Park. Most campers come from the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. About 10% visit from the East Coast and from around the globe. Skylake offers two, four, six and eight week sessions and Family Camp on select weekends!  Skylake has been a family tradition since 1945.